Sunday, January 22, 2012


UGHH I know! I'm supposed to  have a review up, but I just been super busy today that I wasn't able to sit down and take the time to get everything done for it! SO I figured I would update on my 100 followers giveaway! At time of posting this I'm at 81 followers,  just 19 followers away! SO come on ! post about my give away and that will automatically give you 5 extra enteries into this giveaway!

So for the give away PRIZE, I'll be giving out 1 MAYBELINNE DREAM BOUNCY BLUSH in the shade you desire! and A SUPRISE GIFT !

So, keep a look out because 100 is almost  near and thank you guys so much for alll the support and yall are amazing!!!



  1. Very kind of you. Sounds mysterious

  2. lol, its good i promise! following back!