Thursday, January 12, 2012


Wet N Wild has never really struck me as good products until I came across these trios. I also wasn't a fan of trios like this that gave you instructions on which shade goes where. BUT I must say, this trio is amazing in that department! With that being said, I decided  to review this. I also have this trio in "Dont Steal My Thunder"
These trios come in many different shades and packaging. Below I will list the other trios in the collection I found this trio in. This promises to enhance your eye color and also states to be an all-day crease resistant color. Product amount is 3.5 GRAMS.  They are at a really affordable price of 2.99. . It has 3 shades inside with indicators of what shade goes where and comes with 2 applicators which is a sponge app. and a brissle like kind of brush.

The trio comes in a black rectangled shaped container with a plastic lid that clicks shut for reassurance it's contained. The lid is engraved with the logo of wet n wild. On the back of the product is a sticker with a detail instruction guide of where to put each shade.


I'm pretty sure you can find them ALL over the internet if you can't find them in stores, but stores i've seen them in are:
Wal Greens
Rite Aid
Dollar General


Don't Steal My Thunder
I Got Good Jeans
I'm Getting Sunburned
I Dream Of Greenie
Silent Treatment
Spoiled Brat
I'm Feeling Retro
On Cloud 9
Knock On Wood
Sweet As Candy
Cool As A Cucumber


I bought this trio a couple of months ago and have been testing them out for awhile now and have found alot of pros and not alot of cons. I'm usually a bold kind of girl when it comes to eye looks, I prefer purple looks and smokey silver / black. Its just been real recent I've become interested in nutural looks. With two kids instead of one , sometimes I really do not like to spend alot of time on my make up ( I'm sure alot of mothers can relate!) so this trio has became my go to trio for nutural eyes!

Having brown eyes, I LOVE how it makes them pop and become beautiful! I feel that they are very smooth and easy to apply. They are shimmery which is awesome. They remind me so much of some colors in the naked pallette by urban decay.

To me they are easy to blend and I've only used them as the directions stated and I think they have done a great job as far as labeling which color goes where which I think is great for beginners who aren't too sure where to put what color. You don't have to put the colors where they state, it has just worked best for me.

They are very pigmented and have lasted me a good 12-14 hour day. I would def. recommend applying a primer beneath to keep from creasing and fading. Which for the lid I use MAC Paint Pot in Painterly and MAC Bare Study for the eyebrow just to give it an extra pop! It makes a world's difference in my opinion!

The only problem I had was fall out. It drove me crazy when applying this because it went every where and I had to apply this before my foundation and feel like after your get the product into your brush and your having to tap access away or blowing it away in your trio is waisting product so I just wish it wasn't so loose!

But over all, I give this product a B-
I recommend this for starters and also say, the shadows and pigmentation is amazing! You can't beat a awesome 3 dollar eyeshadow like this!


  1. i must have this! I havent seen it in any stores around me but im def gunna keep looking. The swatches look really pretty.

    Thanks for the comment on my latest video by the way : )

    1. Its def. something everyone needs for their collection! if you can't find it let me know bc i'll happily go find it for you and maybe do a swap!

      and your welcome!

    2. thanks i will keep that in mind!

  2. This is one of my favorite palettes! I love the shimmer and the neutral colors are perfect for everyday use :)

    P.S. Thanks so much for following my blog!