Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Kristin from:   awarded me this! I'm so freaking stoked!
I've only had my blog up for 8 days now and I've gotten my first award and am at 65 followers! I'm so thankful for everyone who has followed me and a big thanks for this award from kristin!This award is given to bloggers that are under 200 followers! Be sure to keep reading and keep following and also please go follow krisitn!

Here are some things I have to do now:
1. Thank the Liebster blog award presenter on your blog!
2. Link back to the blogger who awarded your blog!
3. Copy and paste the award to your blog!
4. Reveal your top 5 blog picks! 
5. Drop by your top 5 picks and let them know you have chosen them by commenting on their blog!

people who I award are:


  1. Ccongratulations, mine has been up a tiny bit longer, well done on so many followers and an award already xx

  2. Thank you very much for dropping by my page. :)

  3. Awwwww soo sweet! I appreciate this a bunch doll! Thank you for the award :-)

  4. thanks becky!! and you are welcome pretty girls!

  5. Thanks so much Jessa! I really appreciate it. I love that eve though we live in different countries we can share our beauty must haves. XO

  6. This is really cool :D

    Haha I can't wait until I win one :D

  7. Hey Jess!

    I awarded you and 14 others with the "Versatile Blogger" Award! Check out my latest blog post :-)

  8. omg! thank you so freaking much! and bookgirl12 dont worry! you'll get one!

  9. Thank you so much dear!!!I really appreciate this award!Thanks!!!!
    xoxo Sabrina

  10. Hey doll!
    Thanks heaps for taking the time to stop by my blog and thank for you for being one of my first followers :) I returned the love since I have enjoyed reading your most recent posts. Have a great day!

  11. your welcome sabrina and thanks so much billililli!